"Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all..."

-- John F. Kennedy

Hello fellow digital comrades. Welcome to Hazardous Media. On this web page it's Heaven in '97. We have much planned for this year. Those of you who have been here before are very familiar with our past hazardous exploits, specifically TIMOTHY LEARY'S LAST TRIP. Since Timothy has moved to a new and more fabulous existence far beyond our imaginations, he has given us much inspiration to press forward with the digital revolution.

TIMOTHY LEARY'S LAST TRIP is a documentary film that will be playing in the 1997 SLAMDANCE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, Utah. Myself and my fellow Hazardous Media founder O.B. Babbs are very excited to be attending the underground film festival of Park City. While we're there, both on the slopes and in the snowy lanes, we'll be doing much work to spread Hazardous Media through the grassroots.

I've been staying busy since we've put Leary's Last Trip "in the can." My next documentary film is called HAL's BIRTHDAY, about the birth of the legendary computer from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey." We'll be showing it before some screenings of Leary's Last Trip at Slamdance.

In filming this movie, I've been halfway around the world in Sri Lanka to do an interview with HAL's creator--- the famous sci-fi writer and futurist, Arthur C. Clarke. While in Asia I also visited Thailand, and climbed to the rooftop of the world in Nepal. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of pictures and stories.

Stay tuned for many hazardous things... we're going to be doing a live cybercast at "Cyberfest '97", the official celebration of HAL's birthday. If all goes well, we'll be bringing Clarke live to the festivities via an internet broadcast... my how this is becoming our specialty! The World Cyber Tour is becoming a reality, and you may see us jump on the bus with The Merry Pranksters again this year...

It's going to be a wild ride. Keep visiting us and writing. Thanks for being a part of Hazardous Media...

...the most daring of the digital revolution...