EPISODE ONE, Spring 1996 janitors@hazardous.com

The Making of: "Timothy Leary's Last Trip...
...with Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters..."

Our tale continues...

Merry Prankster Ken Babbs puts a headset on Timothy
so he can hear and be heard over the psychedelic pandemonium....

On board the Merry Prankster bus "Further." Heading south on the 101 Freeway to Laytonville, CA for the 1995 Hog Farm PigNic, a two day rock-n-roll festival.

The Prankster motto has always been: "You're either on the bus or off the bus..."
And Timothy has a first class ticket! (VIDEO)

Kesey comes up with a great idea as we go Further. (VIDEO)

Things get so weird that cyber janitor A.J. suffers temporary technological chaos!!! (VIDEO)

Cyber janitor O.B. has the same problem... So tweaked his circuits are overloading....(VIDEO)

But it gets recorded, and before we know it we've arrived at The Hog Farm...