DTV  DirectPC WiFi Dish w/BiQuad Feed, a Trevor Marshall Design

Trevor Marshall BiQuad design

I took an old DTV Sony dish and ripped apart the LNB and found with a little grinding I could screw in the right Coax mount for the BiQuad.  I just told them at Norvac electronics I was making a wifi antenna and they knew what type of  coax connector I needed for the RG-58 and 2.5megahurts. They also said use as short as possible piece of coax.

DTV biquad back
I also used a Hack saw to cut off about a 1/4 inch of the front of the dish LNB so it would be flat and I could then drill and rivet the PCB board to it.

DTV WiFi Dish BiQuad Feed

I drilled out the rivets holding the oval dish to its mounts and redrilled it and riveted it back on so it was then set up for the vertical positioned feed I wanted.

DTV WiFi Dish BiQuad feed

I also moved some mounting bolts from their holes and added some washers and flipped the dish over so I could then get the right angle I needed.  I then hooked up a linksys WRT54G ver2 and did a little looking around and found four signals from somewhere. I plan on testing it more and I'll then update this.
Ok, I added some tupperware to seal it off from the elements.
The first time it rained water collected on the bi-quad causing the signal to dissapear without the tupperware and glue gun glue to seal it all.

Plugged it in and it's been up and running for the last 8 Days running Alchemy ver 1.0.

Ok I have figured out the best way is to not use any type of coax connectors but to just solder the 50 ohm coax right to the board of the WRT54G and the other end to the biquad also. This eliminates the whole connector issue and works better for me anyway.

I ran the coax all the way out to the biquad and soldered it on this pic above.

My brother brought me a real primestar dish, so I'll make one for that next.
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