The Next Generation was formed in Prague, Czech Republic in 1993, when Rene Trossman, a 44 year old guitar player from Chicago moved to Europe. With Jaromir Pavelka on drums, and Jan Korinek on keyboards and bass, The Next Generation have played hundreds of gigs together, all across Europe. The Next Generation has backed up various front people, from all over the Blues world.

The band has done 3 European tours with Lorenzo Thompson, a dynamic vocalist from Chicago, who has had tremendous success in Europe. For 2 of the 3 tours Sax-man Mike Jackson, another Chicago-scene product, joined us.

In addition to Lorenzo Thompson, The Next Generation has been working a lot with Ramblin' Rex, a 54 year old bluesman from New Orleans, La. Rex sings, blows harp, and plays guitar, all at the same time, a lost art! Rex is a true throwback to the glory years of bluesmen who could do it all, and it is a great privelege for The Next Generation to work with him. Rex moved to Europe about 4 years ago, and makes Prague his home, as well.

Another transplanted bluesman who now makes Prague home is Stan-the-Man, a vocalist/guitarist from the UK. Heavily influenced by greats such as; Howlin' Wolf and Jimmy Reed, Stan puts his own spin on the Blues. After The Next Generation sat-in with Stan one night in Prague, they were soon hired by him to be his back-up band, when they are available, of course.

The Next Generation has several main influences, among them: T-Bone Walker; Earl Hooker; Robert Jr. Lockwood; Jimmy Smith; Jimmy Witherspoon, Muddy Waters; Big Moose Walker, The Kings - B.B.; Albert; and Freddie; Luther Tucker; Pee-Wee Crayton; Elmore James, and, well, I guess you can tell what they are into.

Rene Trossman left Chicago in 1993 to seek new blues frontiers in Europe. He has performed with blues notables, such as; Buddy Scott (his personal mentor, who coined the phrase "The Next Generation" from a hospital bed in 1993. Sadly, Trossman never saw Buddy Scott again. Buddy died a few months after Rene moved to Europe); Jimmy Burns; Johnnie B. Moore; Nate Turner; Howard Scott & The World Band - featuring Walter Scott; Liz Mandville-Greeson; Nick and Joe Moss; and others.

The Next Generation has played in: Germany; Austria; Czech Republic; and Hungary. Now the band feels they are ready for more, and are itchin' to strut their stuff in more places, and play with more and more blues people. We feel that we can offer blues artists an opportunity to come to Europe without an entire back-up band in tow. So if there's a fit, give us a call, cause we got 'em, and you got 'em too; them BLUES...

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